Welcome to Shivshakti Yagyashala.  At Shivshakti Dham we have facilities like Hall, Mandir staying facilities, Kitchen & Dining Hall for organizing Bhagwat Katha, Yagya, Jaap, and other special Pooja.We are dedicated to provide a sacred and serene environment for all your spiritual and celebratory needs. Our Yagyashala is a specially made where you can host a wide range of events and rituals, both online and offline. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, wish to celebrate a special occasion or plan to embark on a blissful journey of togetherness, Shivshakti Dham is the perfect place for you.

Facilities at Shivshakti Yagyashala

At Shivshakti Dham we have facilities like Hall, Mandir staying facilities, Kitchen & Dining for organizing Bhagwat Katha, Yagya, Jaap, and other special Pooja. We have facilities to organize the following types of events inside the Shivshakti Dham


Embrace the divine within our serene Mandir, a sacred space where you can offer your prayers and find solace. 

Katha Hall:

Journey through the ancient tales of wisdom and spirituality in our enchanting Katha sessions. Gather around as our experienced storytellers share captivating narratives from sacred texts and folklore. 

Kitchen & Dining

Enjoy the convenience of our well-equipped kitchen and dining area, perfect for hosting community meals and Prasad distribution.

Events and Rituals

Contact us for organizing Bhagwat & Yagyas at Shivshakti”

Shivshakti Yagya

A sacred fire ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva, invoking his blessings for harmony and well-being.

Srimad Bhagwat Katha

Delve into the profound teachings of the Bhagwat Purana, uncovering the secrets of life and spirituality.

Devi Bhagwat Katha

Honor the divine feminine energy with enchanting stories and hymns dedicated to the goddess.

Shiv Puran Katha

Immerse yourself in the epic tales of Lord Shiva’s adventures and teachings.

Rudri Path & Rudrabhisek

A powerful ritual invoking Lord Rudra’s blessings for purification and inner strength.

Satchandi Yagya

A grand Yagya performed for ultimate prosperity and well-being.

Sahastrachandi Yagya

A profound ritual invoking the blessings of the divine through a thousandfold offering.

Navgrah Jap & Yagya

Seek harmony and balance in your life through worship of the nine planetary deities.

Mahamritunjay Jaap

Invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva for protection and longevity through this sacred chant

Any types of online & offline KATHA, YAGYA, POOJA & JAAP

 customize your spiritual experience with us, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Special Occasions Celebration

Celebrate life’s precious moments with us. Our learned pandit jee will guide you through special online and offline POOJA & JAAP services on occasions like:

Your Birthday

Mark the beginning of another beautiful year with divine blessings and organizing get together of your near and dears. Special Birthday Pooja is organized on occasion of Birthday and have facilities for get together within the campus.

Your Anniversary

Renew your commitment to love and togetherness in a sacred atmosphere.


Marriage in Our Temple

Experience the union of souls in a divine setting. We offer the unique opportunity to celebrate your marriage within the sanctified walls of our temple, ensuring a blessed start to your journey of togetherness.

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