Goals & Approach

The retreat is surrounded by pristine mountain scenery with a panoramic view of lush greenery. The program focuses on your holistic well-being, especially dealing with energy healing and stress-reduction, thus, integrated with the highest quality of ayurvedic massage therapies, yoga – meditation classes and organic satvik food.

Benefits Of The Program

Program Inclusions

Program Details (Package - 17,500/- INR Per Person

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DAY 2:

DAY 3:

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DAY 5:

3 Days Program
7 Days Program

Escape to a blissful sanctuary for a rejuvenating 3-day retreat designed to restore balance and vitality. Immerse yourself in a curated experience of wellness with daily yoga sessions, guided meditation, and invigorating outdoor activities.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our immersive 7-day retreat program. Indulge in nourishing meals crafted to fuel your body and soothe your soul. Unwind with holistic spa treatments and immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and empowered to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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